Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7865)

  • Signed By: Dan Marsh
  • Date submitted: September 16, 2004

Dan Marsh Dave Marsh Tim Fox Chuck Shipley

It was our first fourteeener. We mistakenly planned it too early for an easy ascent. Much of the trail above 12500'was under snow. The snow was hard in the morning, but after ascending to the summit, we noticed a lone climber enjoying the view. He had come from the coast, and had ascended from the bottom that morning. He left and we lingered a while longer enjoying the view and checking out the summit hut. On the west side of the summit hut we found the summit log. The last name signed in it was "Dean Marsh" of Ogden?, Utah. It was quite a coincidence because my brother was with me and his last name was the same as mine; "Marsh". Also, supposedly the person most responsible for blazing the summit trail on Mount Whitney in the 1800s was named "Marsh". The glissade down the snow fields from the ridge was an utter blast. Do you guys still have the summit log from that day? I want to go back someday.

Dan Marsh Lexington, KY

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