Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7866)

Become acclimatted in stages! Using the onion valley trail into the kern wilderness will take you to 12 k feet or so over 5 miles from the car. Or spend a day hiking at horseshoe meadows 10k trials. Try taking pb/jam sandwiches for energy. Use some endurox for the switchbacks and beyond and breath deep upon reaching the trail crest. White mt is also a great training hike to 14.250k. Watch the weather once you reach trail crest. I have talked with people whos ice axes sparked, and others caught with out their packs in a storm(left pack at summit trail start on the ridge(bad idea!!). I have been blown off (2002) once at the trail crest when a storm caused a temp drop, snow fell, wind blew and the trail iced over. Respect nature and leave no trace- it is truly a beautiful place to be on that summit. regards darrell

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