Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7874)

  • Signed By: Bill Nelson
  • Date submitted: August 24, 2004

Beautifully clear day with unlimited visibility. Continued on into the backcountry (Crabtree meadows) and feasted on Golden Trout.

Will never forget the golden triangle of the peak floating in the darkening sky well after sunset. And waiting for two companions well after 11PM who had gotten stuck on the pass due to darkness(descended too late from summit). Was a long cold night for them (13000 ft), and I tended the fire alone while the rest of the group tried to locate the lost two, miles back on the trail... Alone in the wilderness, a fine introduction to the high country for a young'un. I still regularly check the cdec website for the weather data at Crabtree.

That first night out, sleeping at the lake below Whitney, the stars so vivid and close that I could have reached out and scooped them all into my hand like sugar crystals. SO SSweet. In the morning the lake was frozen.Thank God for goose down!

While at Crabtree, a climber was rescued, from Mt Russell, suffering from extreme altitude sickness.

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