Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7880)

  • Signed By: Kimberly Harada
  • Date submitted: August 09, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 8/8/04

Prepare, take your time, and your trip will be great. I heard so many times that superbly fit people attempt this climb, and don't make it because of altitude sickness. I'm a pretty average kinda girl, and I summited fairly easily suffering only a little sunburn and a couple sore calves. I camped my first night at the portal, and a second at trail camp (summiting and returning on the second day). Since I went with a group of health conscience exercise nuts, I was a little nervous that I might hold them back, so I got an Rx for some altitude medication (Diamox). It seemed to work since I felt pretty good for the whole trip, while a couple of the other people felt really ill. Hearing how the ill the ill people sounded, I was really glad that I took the precaution since the highest I had gone previously was 10,000 ft.

Secondly, I've heard many times that others that have summited are disappointed with the scenery on this hike. I have to disagree. The first half is absolutely gorgeous with streams with fish and flowers all over. The second half is rocky, but once at the top, you have a view of everything. People that were unhappy with this trail probably began their hike in the dark, and rushed up so fast that their sickness wouldn't let them see what was in front of them. Take your time :)

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