Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7882)

  • Signed By: Tames
  • Date submitted: August 04, 2004

Myself and a buddy are trying to do the main Whitney trail as fast as possible. We did it last weekend in 4:19, 8:00 round trip. 4-5 ltrs of H20 per man (started with 3 and pumped as needed), GU/Gel every :45 - :60, and 2 Omega 3 bars. PB & J sandwiches and trailmix at summit before descent. Both of us lost 7 lbs during hike. Trekking poles and packs were 12lbs for one guy and 14lbs for the other. Started at 0315, hit portal at 1115. We spent the day prior at 10k (lone pine lake) to acclimatize. Besides spending more time at altitude prior to, being in better shape, any techniques out there that anyone may have to shave some minutes off? (Nutrition, strategy, places to go slow/fast) Thanks, G-

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