Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7891)

  • Signed By: Jeff Dolan
  • Date submitted: July 14, 2004

Hiking up to the summit of Whitney was a phenomenal trip. Started at 6:00 am, returned by 9:00 pm. Originated at Whitney Portal. Temp. was 60 deg. at trailhead, then dropped to 38 deg. somewhere around 12,000 ft. Rain changed to sleet, then to snow, no accumulation. Weather was very cloudy at summit, could not see beyond 50 feet, so picture taking was okay at best. Only past a few people (during the switch backs) that were laying down on the trail due to AAS. Windows were a little scary to cross but exciting all the same. Almost anyone can do this trail, just drink lots of water, lots of carbs. and several ibuprophens for the trip down!! I had 2 ea. 2 liter camel backs in my day pack; one had Gatorade, the other had water. I had to refill one camel back at outpost camp on the way back down. Had several bagels as well as trail mix to snack on for the entire trip as well as Lifesavers to keep the carbs. flowing. Will apply for the pass again in '05 to make the ascent. Maybe the weather will be clear then for some breath taking pictures. Good luck if you go!! Just remind yourself, "Piece of cake"!!!

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