Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7893)

We slept the whole day on July 24 at Mammouth Lake inside a motel. It took one and a half hour driving to reach the Portal. Starting hiking at 3:30am. wheather was perfect around 60 F. Sunrise at around 5;30am. We were going pretty slow but steady. Other hikers began to catch up with us. The trail up to the Outpost Camp are really well built and kept. The solar toilet is the best we've seen but still smell really bad. Reached Trail Camp at 10;00am and had lunch(sandwich with Spam, ham, and cheese) before the final push to the summit. Marmots are everywhere, While having lunch.we heard noise of machinary. We later found out the Whitney trail crew were repairing the trail. Try not to get water from Trail Lake because the water might not be so puer. Try to get water from the creek before you reach Trail Camp! Finished the 97 switchback at around 1:30pm. The view from the Crest was spectacular, but I was amost totally exhausted. My wife was still going strong and she pushed on as I followed slowly. We finally summited at 3:15pm. I believed we were the last party that summit on the day. We signed the book, walked around, and took a five minute nap. We then started our journey back. Blisters and blue thrumb nails in our feet slowed us down. By 8;30pm we had to turn our head lamp again. luckily we brought planty of battery for our headlight. On our way down we met another solo hiker who was also on his way out, so we traveled together. We reached the trail head at 12:30am without incident. To sum it up, this trip was hard, but I think I will come back.

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