Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7895)

we started out at 4am , my friend was hiking slow but constant , as we went further he slowed more but did but did not want to give up ,we got to the crest and he was very tired but we continued , I then left him back and told him i would summit and meet him on the trial , after i got to the top other people comming up told

me he was still on his way , so i waited , he finally made it but it was getting very late 4:00 pm , we started down i was hoping that going downhill and lowering our elevation would make him feel better ,it did not, I got him as far as outpost camp and he could go no futher , he said he was completly spent we only had enough combined gear for one of us to say out the night it was now 9:30 pm , I gave him my bivwac sack and found a place for him to camp , then i left to go the rest of the 3 and a half miles down , my headlight was only rated for a 3 hours burn time an it had 4 hours of time on it already, with a mile an a half to go my light went out and i went down the finally part in the dark , I got to the trailhead at 11:54 pm , over 20 hours

of hiking , my friend came down the next morning without problem , but while he was sleeping a bear had come and taken his pack out from under his head and with his 1000 dollar camera ran across the creek , he found it and his pack with no damage to either .

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