Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7902)

  • Signed By: Tomi
  • Date submitted: July 13, 2004

Not all permits are taken. On my way down from the summit, I counted only about 9 tents total on Whitney. In May, weekdays are probably very open for people that just show up.

Snow is melting, some stream crossing rocks are underwater in the afternoons (wet boots). . Higher up, beware of walking across "hidden" streams under the weak ice.

First snow worth mentioning at the switchbacks below Trail Camp. Switchbacks above Trail Camp totally covered, just some rocks tumbling down from them as things are melting.

Plan your switchback begin time according to how soft you want the snow for the duration of 1,600 foot gain in altitude.

from trail crest to summit, it's an easy walk with only about 5 large snow drifts in the melting stages.

Attempted sliding down the switchbacks with a 40 pound pack... not a wise idea. Lost 300 feet altitude in trying to change my mind using the ice axe. Also saw a butt slide mark in snow with a tailbone contact(rock) So keep that in mind.

For camping temp estimates. Lone Pine is at 3,600 feet. For every 1,000 gain there is a 3.6 F loss. So 50F lone pine is about 30F at Trail camp.

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