Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7907)

  • Signed By: Scott Allen of Tustin, CA, USA
  • Date submitted: July 13, 2004

Summited alone at 2pm in the middle of a hail storm. Near white-out conditions. I missed the views down the windows of the east face. I can hardly remember anything about the last two miles....all I wanted to do was get out of the hail and into the hut. I celebrated on the summit with some chicken bullion cooked in a Sierra Cup, then blasted out of there in hopes of catching others from my group. I didn't see anyone on the mountain from Trail Crest to the summit and back to Trail Crest. I caught up with a friend who was descending Mt. Muir at the trail junction and we went down to Bighorn Flat where we camped that night. It was my second Sierra peak. I was 13 years old.

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