Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7922)

  • Signed By: Kirk Hess
  • Date submitted: July 13, 2004

One of the best winter/spring ascents! The mountaineer's route was perfect! The normal traverse around the back side of Whitney was totally iced over. Take the first chute and climb on rock and snow to a 30 yard section that is around 55-60 degrees. This chute will lead you to the top where the old toilet use to be. From there it's a easy 2 minute walk to the 4 star hotel! A rope could prove handy if you are not comfortable climbing down chutes facing inat this degree. There was a red runner at the top of the ridge for rappellling. Bring another as it looked pretty weathered! Crampons, Ice axe a must. The summit was incredible. First time using Talkabout radios. My partner Leonard wasn't feeling to well so I was able to talk to him as we was tanning at Iceberg Lake. I'll never go the tourist yak route again!!! The only way to climb Mt. Whitney! P.S. Be a real man and pack out your poop!

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