Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7923)

My first summit was via a very obscure route up the Muir Couliour in very rotten snow with my ice axe and no crampons. The ridge was a challenge when I had to break through a cornice, but was greeted there by a guy from New York and a local cowboy from Lone Pine. We all summited. I have photos if you are interested in this route and also of our East Face Rock climbing route that we did in 91'. That route was excellent! The fresh air traverse was a fun lead! My climbing partner (Nick Soleberg) and I took a client up and had a choice of to decend the Mountaineers route back to Iceberg Lake (our tent) or go for Mount Muir and force a bivy in the summit hut without bivy gear. We chose the latter and had a very chilling night sleeping on our rope for insulation. Note: the previous night was -40 with the wind chill! Good thing we had the walls of the hut to block the wind! All in all, we did the right all depends who you are doing the experience with. Fortuneately we all had good attitudes and have fond memories of the climb. Want to see the photos? e-mail me!

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