Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7933)

After failing to summit in 1988 due to AMS (& ignorance) and again failing in the spring of 1999, due to snow, my third trip to Mount Whitney was a charm and I reached the summit at 12:15 PM on Sept 23, 1999. My one-day trip was long, and harder than expected, so I took my time. (Playing beach volleyball at sea level and hiking around for a few days first DOES NOT prepare you for this climb!) I had perfect conditions (wide range of temperatures) and, surprisingly, no wind! On my ascent I somehow managed to lose one of my bottles somewhere below Trail Crest. (A full one - of course!) I hope someone found it and enjoyed it's contents! (I ate snow instead.) Trail Crest to summit (and return) is a bit more difficult than guidebooks let on. I was glad to have my trekking poles! Owens Valley in clouds, but a great view to the west from the summit. I dedicated my climb to my hiking partner, Debbie, who couldn't stand with me at the summit, and to the memories of my Dad and my dog, Duncan.

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