Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7940)

What time I wasn't gasping for breath after about the 12000 feet mark, I was amazed by the beautiful views of Owens Valley, the small alpine ponds and the sheer rock faces of the Sierra Nevada. The people were among the most friendly of any I've met in the US. Guess those with a bad middemeanor don't make it too far. I left Whitney Portal at the crack of dawn, having gotten my permit down at Lone Pine the day before. The hardest part was the last mile of the 11 toal going up. I had to take frequent rests, and then it started snowing. Finally, I made the top, but couldn't see more than a few hundred feet. The trip down was a lot quicker, and I felt stronger with each mile of trail and 1000 feet of elevation drop. Hiked down the last 4 miles with a group of guys from.San Jose. We stopped at the outfitter in Whitney Portal and sat down for a couple of brews. My legs were like rubber when I finally got up to drive back to LA for a plane ride home. I only had the day after a business meeting on the west coast, but I sure would have liked to take a couple or three for this ascent. It is far to grueling for the average person from the East who is not used to the elevation. 22 mile round trip. Plan several days.

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