Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7951)

Mark (16 years old), Sean (14 years old) and I summitted on July 29th. We started at 3:00 AM from the Whitney Portal and made the summit by 10:00 AM. We reached the tree line by dawn and had breakfast. We stayed at the top for an hour and made it back to the Portal by 4:00 PM. Great hike. It was tough going for one day but we spent the previous 2 weeks in Colorado so we were acclaimated. I recommend a 2 day trip if you are coming from sea level since the altitude will be a killer.

I'm glad I had the chance to do this adventure with my sons and it is an experience we will long remember. I plan to be back in a few years when my daughter (now 11 years old)and I will summit.

Special thanks to Dave Moore, Colin Williams and Cindy Colarusso who helped us immensely with their advice. I got their names off this summit log and they took the time to answer my e-mails.

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