Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7964)

This is definitely a great hike/climb. Although we went in July, the infamous switchback section was completely covered in snow. Luckily we had ice picks and crampons along. The uphill was quite a workout, but it sure was fun coming down. There weren't many people on the trail at all. The ranger told us that this was mainly due to the tremendous amount of snow that was in the area that year. I believe we had less than 5 people camp with us.....imagine that on a July 4th weekend! We did the climb in two days, but certainly if you have more time to enjoy the area, stay awhile. An extra night in camp on the way down the mountain would have been welcome, rather than spending 10 hours + going up the rest of the way, plus coming down all the way back to the trailhead on day two. Definitely a cool climb though regardless of how you do it!!

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