Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7995)

  • Signed By: Jamie Newby
  • Date submitted: August 10, 2004

I'm a 24 yr old female, didn't train at all for this hike... woke up at 3:30am, didn't decide until I had one foot on the trail that I was going to join my friends for the hike. 10 hours later, I was inching my way to the shack with tears or relief, joy and achievment. 10 hours up 6 hours down! One day is possible, but if you truley want to enjoy the views, take your time, camp out, and look up from the trail every so often. Pictures don't do any justice to this experience as there are three or four different plateaus of terrain and scenery. Go for it. Bring plenty of water,food, and dress in layers.

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