Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#7998)

There were a lot of emotions welling up inside me as I lumbered past the gray-granite stone shack on the summit of Mt. Whitney. The immediate and obvious feeling was one of relief. Relief that the long, two-day climb up this mammoth mountain was nearing an end. The next feeling to stir in me was awe. Awe in the sense that here I was atop one of the greatest mountain peaks in California, indeed in the whole United States, looking out at a horizon choked full of other impressive mountains and dizzyingly deep valleys. And lastly there was pride. Pride not of my accomplishment, though that was certainly present, but pride that we had made this trek as a team. Superceding that though, I was most proud of my Dad, who, standing before us on the summit, had given more toil and sweat to reach this spot than any of us had. I beamed with joy in sharing this summit with him, the man who started me down the road that led us both here all these years later.

Other Members of the Expedition: Alan (my cousin) and Eric (a friend)

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