Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#8003)

  • Signed By: Mark
  • Date submitted: August 18, 2004

Jeff Lanterman and I threw the trip together on fairly short notice. The trip from Santa Cruz is a long one, but the scenery certainly served to shorten the slog. We hadn't decided whether to do the standard route or try the Mountaineers Route by the time we set up camp at the Portal. Several beers later, however, we decided, most astutely, that the "trail" was our best bet, especially considering this was our first time. The relatively leisurely stroll up to Trail Camp was pleasant as Whitney's East face came into view. Found a great spot overlooking Consultation Lake - nobody within sight, although others were hidden among the granite. Headed out by 5AM, headlamps blazing. Followed the distant "fireflies" up the switchbacks to the crest. Incredible views (possibly even better than those from the summit). Unfortunately, Jeff started to pale and his stomach went south. I went ahead and summited around 8:45 AM. Jeff arrived a bit later and didnt' stay too long to soak in the view. I, on the other hand, was able to watch a helicopter swoop in from the north and settle nearly noiselessly at Iceberg Lake. I assume a climber was in trouble, but hard to tell from my bird's-eye view. Took the requisite pix and set off to catch Jeff. We went all the way out to the car the same day, and made our way to Bishop for a shower, a meal and some more beer. A good trip for good friends.

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