Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#8018)

  • Signed By: Dan S
  • Date submitted: September 01, 2004

A few years ago from portal in a day on the regular trail. Last summer, from the "backside" as part of hiking the JMT - I hiked from cottonwood to whitney via new army pass, then North eventually to Yosemite in around 19 days. On the dayhike, we acclimitized by spending the previous day hiking the other (Meysan lake?) trail. That day we went up to around 11000 and then back to portal. That helped, plus making sure you drink lots of water and eat even though you don't want to. One of my friends had hiked that trail before but couldn't handle the altitude because he didn't eat enough and had to turn back after 99 switchbacks. It was a long hike down!!! It took us from 4am to 7pm for the dayhike. On the JMT trip, I had taken 3 days to get to guitar lake so it was no problem (altitude wise). That was cool - I signed the register "JMT 2000, Day 1". Started from guitar lake around 6am and got to the summit around 9am. If it is hot, guitar lake sucks to camp at because no shade - some people camp a little higher than guitar lake which was possible because there was some water higher up.

Within the next few years I want to do more technical routes up whitney like the east face route and of course the moutaineers route. I'm glad I live close to the sierras.


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