Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#8038)

  • Signed By: Stuart F. Molver of San Joaquin, CA United States
  • Date submitted: September 19, 2004

After looking at it on the map and flying over it, I picked up a book by Paul Hellweg and Scott McDonald "The Mount Whitney Guide" 1990. I trained all Summer with running and mountain biking and set the date for 10-02-95. I went solo. I took the book with me and wrote down thoughts on the way up.

Departed Portal Base at 5:00 AM and treked 2.8 miles to Lone Pine Lake. Got there at 6:15 AM. Arrived at Outpost Camp at 6:50 AM 10,360 feet. Arrived at Mirror Lake at 7:05 AM. Cold. Alpen Glow at 10,640 feet. Arrived at Trailside Meadow at 7:30 Arrived at Trail Camp at 8:00 AM. Now 6.3 miles into the hike at 12,039 feet COLD. More alpen glow. 96 switchbacks to go to the John Muir Trail Crest at 13,777 feet. Great view. Moving onward and up. Reached the summit at 12:10 PM. Signed the book. Elevation 14,497.61 feet. Returned to Portal Base at 5:50 PM and happy to have completed the hike. Went back to Lone Pine and celebrated.

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