Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#8053)

My daughter and I had a fantastic trip. We are so glad we didn't give in to the urge to "race" up in one day. We stayed at Whitney Portal Camgground and enjoyed a wonderful day hike to Lone Pine Lake where we hiked around and had lunch the day before we headed up to Trail Camp. On our way to Trail Camp we had time to enjoy the stream and waterfall at Outpost Camp and then had all afternoon to enjoy Consultation Lake and take a brief nap by the little Trail Camp lake. The next day,we had a fantastic rested hike to Whitney Summit where we spent a couple hours enjoying the view, talking with others, and eating lunch before coasting down to Trail Camp for another pleasant evening. I'm now convinced that if one really wants to enjoy and experience all that Whitney has to offer, taking several days is the only way to go. I am also now a firm believer in the benefits of using hiking staffs. If more young people would use them as they hike through life, they would need a lot less knee and hip replacements later in life. Mt. Whitney is beautiful and has taught me a lot.

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