Mount Whitney


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    Mt. Whitney (John Muir Trail Terminus) in 4K | Backpacking, Hiking and Camping the Sierras

    PLAN YOUR TRIP!-- Trailhead: How to Prepare: --SCENE SELECTION-- 00:00 Teaser 00:56 ...

    • By: AdventureArchives
    • Published: Dec 01, 2017
    • Duration: 1:04:56
    • Views: 126,681
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    Mount Whitney: Taking the Mountaineers Route to the Highest Peak In the Lower 48

    Blake doesn't let 20 hours of driving and explosive night time diarrhea stop him from summiting Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous united states.

    • By: Mediocre Amateur
    • Published: June 05, 2018
    • Duration: 11:35
    • Views: 113,927
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    Mt Whitney Hike -


    • By:
    • Published: Sep 24, 2016
    • Duration: 13:58
    • Views: 84,619
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    2007 Mt. Whitney Summitted Barefoot

    Barefoot Ted and Barefoot Larry made it to the summit of Mt. Whitney barefoot. It was BFT's third barefoot summit, and Larry's

    • By: Barefoot Ted McDonald
    • Published: Aug 29, 2007
    • Duration: 1:58
    • Views: 70,945
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    Tested Tough | Mt. Whitney

    Meet Columbia employee Guru K. as she takes on this monumental mountain.

    • By: Columbia Sportswear
    • Published: Oct 07, 2015
    • Duration: 1:36
    • Views: 68,787
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    Fall Over 1000' Vertical Wall! During Mt Whitney Climb!

    My Dad Climbing Mt. Whitney Traversing a Crux and falling over a 1000' Vertical Wall This is the fresh air traverse of the east face of Mt. Whitney 13 Pitch Climb ...

    • By: JMac Customs LLC
    • Published: Sep 16, 2012
    • Duration: 4:22
    • Views: 64,994
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    Climbing Mt Whitney in 3 Minutes

    Climbing the Lower 48's tallest mountain Mt Whitney in 3 minutes. Mt Whitney is hands down one of the top 5 best mountains I have personally ever climbed.

    • By: Following Redbeard
    • Published: May 18, 2016
    • Duration: 3:14
    • Views: 59,583
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    Mount Whitney - To the Summit of Mt. Whitney and Back

    This is a video of me and a group of friends hiking up Mount Whitney on July 1, 2006. We made it up and down the Mt. Whitney summit in 12 hours.

    • By: joen1369
    • Published: Sep 23, 2006
    • Duration: 3:48
    • Views: 56,001
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    How to Prepare for and Summit Mount Whitney (& Wag Bags)

    Preparing, training, learning or just working for Mt Whitney can be daunting. This video is our best advice and recommendations for having a successful summit.

    • By: AdventureArchives
    • Published: Mar 01, 2018
    • Duration: 22:16
    • Views: 54,014
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    Almost a slip to his death on Mt. Whitney

    My son and I took our crampons off only to find one more patch of snow on a difficult turn. He slipped and almost went off the cliff!

    • By: Isolde Ulrich
    • Published: June 12, 2015
    • Duration: 3:50
    • Views: 39,456