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NOTE: Trip reports were previously called "Summit Logs" - same feature, new name

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  • Log #21531 - by Gary Taylor on Dec 06, 2008
    Cold rainy day to start at around 0700. Very long hike. It snowed off and on as we reached the saddle between Hyndman and Old Hyndman with 50 mph winds. Sumitt was obscured by clouds.
  • Log #450 - by james anselme on Sep 08, 2004
    Hyndman peak is a long but fairly easy hike until you hit the saddle between Hyndman and Old Hyndman. The hike to the summit is not as bad going up as coming down. It took me 3 hours and 20 minutes...
  • Log #451 - by Sean Duffy on Sep 08, 2004
    Nice scramble; saw 3 mountain goats near the saddle; descended directly down the south side instead of going back to the saddle;got a flat tire at the Trailhead. Ptly Cloudy 65F; 4.5 hours car to car
  • Log #453 - by Matt Durrant on Aug 09, 2003
    Hyndman is a ton easier going up than coming down. If you slip you won't stop until you hit the bottom. The view from the top is incredible and it's worth all the trouble getting there. Be prepared...
  • Log #454 - by Rick & Dale on Aug 08, 2003
    This was our first 12,000' climb. Took us about 9.5 hours from start to finish. Great view at the top.
  • Log #455 - by Dan on Jan 07, 2001
    Long hike (12 miles, 5000 feet elevation gain). Saw some mountain goats. Windy, cold, and snowy ground most of the way.