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  • Log #8164 - by Jim Samonte on Feb 06, 2003
    The most darndest thing to do w/ 4 other friends: 2 Germans, 1 American, and a Filipino 1st time climber. Who would think we can go up the peak and down again in ONE day! Even had to eat lunch while...
  • Log #8163 - by Meng & Linda Horng on Feb 05, 2003
    This is the first time I climbed with my wife, I'm 64 and she's 62. We spent 2 nights at lodges, and the 50 hour trip was a great experience eventhough I did Mt. Kilimanjaro before. Unfortunately the...
  • Log #8165 - by Phillip Chi on July 09, 2001
    In the nine years I lived in Taiwan I was luck enough to make two trips to Jade Mountain. I have some wonderful memories of both trips and I hope someday to be able to explore some of the other peaks...
  • Log #8166 - by Danto on Feb 27, 2001
    Pictures showing rock climbing on Yusan North Face: http://www.rocknwall.com.tw/m/rock/twn/c/ctr.html and; ice climb: www.
  • Log #8168 - by Jon on June 15, 2000
    A 1.2 day hike to the top. Stayed at an alpine lodge the first night. Then at around 3a.m. the 75 people at the lodge all geared up to summit by 5:30 a.
  • Log #8169 - by Michael Jardine on May 14, 1999
    The second of my "Asian Trilogy" including Fuji and Kinabalu. Fellow world traveler Anthony Willoughby and I actually had to sneak onto the trail because Yushan is located inside a...