Photo of Zinalrothorn
Photo uploaded by Olivier Dumon

Zinalrothorn is a noble, slendor peak, one of the many 4,000 meter summits of the Pennine Alps. It has a number of challenging rock-climbing routes, the most difficult being the steep, rugged East Face.

Elevation (feet): 13,848
Elevation (meters): 4,221
Continent: Europe
Country: Switzerland
Range/Region: Pennine Alps
Latitude: 46.063544
Longitude: 7.690044
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1864
First successful climber(s): Leslie Stephen, F. Crauford Grove, Melchior Andregg, Jakob Andregg
Nearest major airport: Geneva, Switzerland
Convenient Center: Zermatt, Switzerland

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Trip Reports

There are 20 trip reports for Zinalrothorn.

  • Log #8175 - by Thomas Gentry on Nov 26, 20033.00 stars
    Crowded, but a great view at the summit. Start early to avoid waiting on the more difficult parts of the route. Much more enjoyable that way.
  • Log #8176 - by Andrew Tees on Nov 11, 20033.00 stars
    Took usual route from Rothorn Hut. Had to move fast as bad weather was moving in, great climbing in a brilliant position. Much more enjoyable climb than the Matterhorn! Got out of the couloir just as...
  • Log #8177 - by Jill Jones on Sep 04, 20033.00 stars
    Normal route from the rothorn Hut. Ice, snow & rock - a terrific climb. Great preparation for the Matterhorn & great climb in its own right.
  • Log #8179 - by Olivier Dumon on Nov 19, 20023.00 stars
    Magnifique course en traversèe, depuis la cabane du Grand Mountet, par Rothorngrat. Mixte, glace, rocher, tout y est. Trës beau temps jusqu'au sommet, atteint a 9h,puis degradation brutale au 1/3...
  • Log #8180 - by Tobias Göring on Oct 25, 20023.00 stars
    Solo on normal way from Rothorn hut, good conditions
  • Log #8181 - by Richard Franklin on Aug 22, 20023.00 stars
    Summited from the Rothorn Hut via the SE Ridge. Fantastic climb but we took far too long! Great views of the Matterhorn if you like that kind of things!
  • Log #8182 - by lorenzo on Aug 03, 20023.00 stars
    Rothorngrat-North ridge from Mountet
  • Log #8183 - by James Wright on Nov 27, 20013.00 stars
    Climbed Kanzelgrat(D, up to V). fantastic and challenging climbing. huge exposure over east face in places, also avoids busy and rockfall prone couloir of normal route, which we came down....
  • Log #8184 - by Tino Curti on Sep 06, 20003.00 stars
    Ascent by the SE-Grat, starting by the RothornHutte. Cold day, with cold wind. Snow on the ridge.
  • Log #8185 - by john handley on Aug 20, 20003.00 stars
    normal route from rothorn hut some rockfall in coulior plenty of natural belays and pegs superb route
  • Log #8186 - by Gabriella van Wasbeek on Aug 08, 20003.00 stars
    "A fantastic view when we climbed the Zinal Rothorn. A beautiful sunrise with in the background, the Matterhorn. On the summit for 1 1/2 hour enjoying the view, which reached out til the Gran...
  • Log #8187 - by Michel and Francois Promel on Mar 07, 20003.00 stars
    North ridge from the Grand Mountet Hut. Full moon lightening the Alps ... what an exciting route combining the so thin snowy Arete du Blanc, the beautiful rocks of the Rasoir and the Sphynx, the...
  • Log #8188 - by Stan Sattelberg on Jan 26, 20003.00 stars
    Mostly cloudy day. Thrill getting by the big boulder on the short pitch to the summit. On the descent, just after we got off the diagonal "catwalk" for lack of a better word, onto the top...
  • Log #8189 - by Hans Wennerström on Aug 25, 19993.00 stars
    "We reached - I had almost said the top; but the Rothorn has no top. It has a place where a top manifestly ought to have been, but the work had been left unfinished. It ended in a flat circular area...
  • Log #8190 - by Pascal Brisset on July 28, 19993.00 stars
    Started from the Mountet Hut under the rain, snow was deep. Nice rock on the ridge and beautiful view on Obergabelhorn and Dent Blanche.
  • Log #8191 - by Frank on May 28, 19993.00 stars
    Nice climb, however to crowded. This causes danger of falling rocks when climbing from the gletcher to the ridge.
  • Log #8192 - by Rob Lotthrincx on May 27, 19993.00 stars
    It was a beautiful day. But the quidebook said that it was not difficult (II-III). I think (and more people do this) that the route is III-IV. However, I remember the day as a lovely day
  • Log #8193 - by Pierre Durin on Feb 09, 19993.00 stars
    Climbed SW ridge, and went down on N ridge. The route is beautiful and easy (AD+ but at a pretty high elevation), but the view on Dent blanche and Ober Gabelhorn (I recommend its N face) are just...
  • Log #18747 - by roger gaff on Jan 09, 20053.00 stars
    SE ridge route with the usual approach from the Rothorn Hut. Good and interesting mixed route with a superb ridge on v. good gneiss from the Gabel notch. The rock on the rib to the left of the old...
  • Log #22234 - by Stephen Klemich on Aug 18, 20113.00 stars
    this is a big day out with technical climbing. Mentally hard to climb up and down the ridge as you keep getting closer to the summit. Then having to reverse the entire route back.