Elevation (feet): 6,825
Elevation (meters): 2,080
Continent: Europe
Country: Romania
Range/Region: Transylvanian Alps
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Aug
First successful climber(s): Dacian shepherds
Nearest major airport: Bucharest
Convenient Center: Petrosani

Thanks to Amadeus for adding this peak.

Mount Dragsanul (or Dracsanul- name that I prefere and believe is the original, but rarely used today) is a slow, mild summit in Retezat mountains. It is a crystalline rock mountain, while the neighbouring Piule is calcareous.

Dracsanul seems more like a large plateau. Strangely, in the latest years the summit became unaccessible, because of the dense vegetation of dwarf mountain pine (Pinus Mugo).

Dracsanul is great for all nature wanderers who want to get lost in some way. But beware of the carpathian bear, who might be having a daytime rest hidden in the dwarf pines...

Thanks to Amadeus for this description.