Pico Duarte

Pico Duarte Trip Report (#8251)

  • Signed By: Don Thomas
  • Date submitted: February 15, 2003

If this old fart (61) can do it, anyone can. It's a long, long, long, rough MUDDY slog all the way from the park entrance at La Cienaga to the shelter at La Comparticion and another long slog up on a slightly less muddy trail to the summit. I went solo with a 'guide', muleteer and one mule to pack our gear. We met up with 45 high school students from Santiago. A very enthusiastic, cheerful, always talking and laughing bunch of kids. Very amusing to see them all bundled up in toques, balaclavas, gloves and ski jackets on top, exclaiming how COLD it was (perhaps 45 degrees Farenheit). It was probably 10 degrees Farenheit at the same time back home in Canada. Two suggestions: a) proper hiking boots are essential and b) if your 'gringo' stomach rebels at the local water, packs LOTS of the bottled stuff on your mule.

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