Pico Duarte

Pico Duarte Trip Report (#8253)

Hi all,

i'm right back from the first Trip to the Dominican Republic and it wouldn't be the last one! Together with Guide Dario Serrata Ionela and his mule, we started Thursday the 19th in December at 10:00 from La Cienaga and finaly arrived the Camp La Compartition at 16:00 after a 'straight-forward' hike in wet foggy weather conditions (change clothes immediately at the end, if you're wet like the mule!).

After an amazing clear full-moon night we hit the summit next day at 10:00 and the weather and view was so good, that i decided to undertake the way back to La Cienaga on the same day.

After we reach the Headquarter Friday the 20th at 19:00, also the next day until the arrival of the 'quaqua' (taxi), i had the chance to learn more about living conditions in the Cordilleras and especially of my Guide Dario and its relatives;

a special thanks for everything, which those great peoples offered to me.

Note: If You're interested in similar hikes, come and visit my Homeland. We have much of 'Picos' with nearly similar floras/faunas above 2000meters, especially on the south side of the swiss-alps.

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