Aneto Trip Report (#8353)

Just back from trip to climb several 3 grand peaks in Pyrenees, did Aneto last and it was easiest, not wanting to take anything away from peak cos its very nice hill with good views, but its only a walk from valley floor, we left car from top car park at 0600 walked up to Renclusa (grubby hut) and carried on up snow slope to Portillon superior, this took about 2 leisurely hours from car, then strolled across glacier on worn easy track to bottom of summit cone, here its a simple plod up snow for 95m to summit, bit of a rocky scramble from summit to true top 20m and to cross and virgin, but only 1.5 hours from portillon superior, we then slid down snow covered glacier to valley floor direct in 45 mins, back at car for mid day, and that was comfortable, so get out there and bag it!, no special kit required, axe and crampons (not normally required) and a bottle of water.

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