Aneto Trip Report (#8362)

  • Signed By: Tiago Maia
  • Date submitted: August 19, 2002

At about 2900m me and my partners entered the clouds... We only saw the peak when we got to the "Passo de Mahoma" (barely). Crossing the glaciar was like walking inside a huge white fridged tunnel. There wasn't even any wind... We lost about 1h30m at the summit, crossing the "passo". We had to wait for several people to cross it very slowly and then we took a long time too. We were a group of 9, roped toghether, some of wich don't practice any sort of climbing and were a litlle afraid of the heights, so we had to constantly place anchors, looping the rope arroud the rocks in several points at the same time. We were the last to leave the summit so there was no one to follow back down. We got lost after we left the glacier and it took us 7 to 8 hours to get back to the Renclusa, as we couldn't find the Portillon Superior. When we finally got to the refuge, we decided to grab all of our stuff, head back directly to Benasque, take a hot bath at the camping and go to the town to eat a "Trif┬Ěsico" (a pork, cheese, bacon and tomato sandwich) at "La Cumbre" (a nice restaurant we used to go to... the owner was so cool that i'm advertsing a litlle for him, he, he!). When we got there it was closed... it was midnight... :(

We ate the "Trif┬Ěsico" the next day.

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