Aneto Trip Report (#8374)

Out of all the peaks my wife and I have summmited, this was our favorite. My wife had just started climbing and I had been climbing about 3 years. Don't let the hight of Aneto fool you. Prior to Aneto I had climbed in the US(Grand Teton, Ranier), Europe(Matterhorn), Mexico(Ixta, Orizaba)and in Bolivia(Condoriri)It is a challenging mountain, especially the last 'scramble' to the summit. That section is very dangerous and if you slip, you are dead! We also climbed Aneto on our own, unguided. It was a little late in the season and the snow conditions were less than ideal. Very heavy and mushy, our crampons were constantly getting clogged. he weather was very good. It was a 13 hour round trip and some of the most beatiful scenery imaginable! At the end of our climb, we took our boots off and soaked our feet in the strem that runs down from the mountains. What a treat-there is nothing better after a climb!(Except maybe rest and the good Spanish food served in the Hospital on the way back to the town of Benasque!')

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