Aneto Trip Report (#8387)

  • Signed By: Janne Leppänen
  • Date submitted: July 18, 2000
  • Date(s) climbed: 13.07.2000 at 15:15

We were supposed to climb Aneto on 12.07 but wheb we left the Aneto Camping and drove to the (Hospital) hotel at the base of Aneto, it was raining wet snow with the temp. at +2,5. It was also still dark at 05:00 anyway, so we decided to wait untill the bext day. The next day we started climbing (after the 3km and 300 PTAS bus ride)with about 30 other people. After about 40 minutes (without a brake) we reached the hut Refuge de Renclusa. I expected it to be much nicer than it was- just an old building with no or little services except for water. They were, though, busy building an extencion, so it will probably be ready for the 2001 climbing season. After the hut we (about 7 people at this time) made the mistake of following the wronbg ridge. We should of proceeded to the frontal left but instead followed the ridge leading to the right. We climbed on top of the ridge and followed it upward. It started getting thinner and thinner and we adventually almost got into some huge problems having to had to climb over some single rocks holding on for dear life before finally finding a way out. As a result we had to retrace some of our steps and lost about 3 hours of climbing time. All of this could of been avoided IF THERE WERE SOME KIND OF SIGNS posted, but NO!!! After getting on the right track, we went up the glacier and reached the top in about 4 hours. The summit itself was a bit problematic having to really climb over a fairly dangerous part with a steep fall on both sides- its a good idea to bring some rope since there is a clamp already drilled onto the rock to fasten the rope to. Since we didn't have a rope, 4/10 peple did not dare to climb the last 20 metres to the real summit with the cross. Still it was a beautiful mountain and also my first 3000 metre mountain. My record had been 2469m (Galdhoppingen, Norway) before that. The biggest problem in Spain by far is: NOBODY SPEAKS ENGLISH!!! If you could believe it, we even had problems to find an english speaking person at the local tourist information office!?

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