Erciyes Trip Report (#8539)

It started out as a beautiful Saturday. Clear blue sky. At about 1115hrs my son, ragnar(my golden), and I decided to take an atv ride up the south colony trail and go for a little hike. To make a long story short, we summited the needle at about 1545hrs. It reminded me of some of the mountains in Alaska. What a gorgeous day! And yes my dog made it to the summit. He must have learned to climb from the dall sheep. The trail up the needle was well marked. Conglomerated rock. Easy to hold on to and not many loose rock.(compared to Ak). We enjoyed the summit by ourselves. The day seemed to be perfect for a climb. And for that reason we decided to go on the Crestone needle trail near the lakes. God bless and may your journey up the needle be as perfect as ours.

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