Mount Saint Nicholas

Elevation (feet): 9,376
Elevation (meters): 2,858
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Central Montana Rockies
State: Montana
Latitude: 48.391512
Longitude: -113.550568
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug
Year first climbed: 1926
First successful climber(s): Conrad Wellen
Nearest major airport: Kalispell, MT
Convenient Center: West Glacier, MT

Thanks to Fred Spicker for adding this peak.

Mount Saint Nicholas is a spectacular horn located in the southern part of Glacier National Park. The technical nature of the easiest route together with the fact that there is no easy approach make most agree that "St. Nick" is the most difficult and dangerous major summit in Glacier Park.

Fortunately, most the last thousand feet where technical climbing is required consists of relatively solid red argillite. About 5 rappels are needed on the descent.

Trip Reports

NOTE: Trip reports were previously called "Summit Logs" - same feature, new name

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  • Log #8581 - by Rene Boisselle on Nov 29, 2003
    I climb Mt Saint Nicolas many times while guiding for the Banff National Army Cadet Camp. I always want to climb the little steep rock face seeing from Bow Hut, there is an obvious line up the...
  • Log #8582 - by aaron sands on Oct 03, 2003
    we departed bow hut with bluebird skies. after reaching the top of the "onion", the clouds had rapidly set in. straight forward walk in knee deep snow along the ridge towards the...
  • Log #8583 - by Tim L. Helmer on Jan 07, 2003
    To sum it up I had no sleep for two nights, had 3 inch torn blisters on the ball of both feet, had a minor chest infection and was over-weight by 25 pounds. But despite all these mitigating...
  • Log #8584 - by John Oberliesen on Sep 23, 2002
    In non-typical fashion, we got an early start on this one. Around 1:30am to be exact. The plan, which neither myself nor my partner Jason Robertson will take credit for, was to try this three day...
  • Log #8585 - by kenny kasselder on Sep 10, 2002
    we named the unnamed lake grizzly lake. as far as i can find we were the first humans to set foot in that basin and camp at that lake. climbed the sw face in four days the first time and two days the...
  • Log #8586 - by Michael Jake on Aug 22, 2001
    A long rainy bushwack brought us up the Muir Creek drainage to a small un-named lake directly below St. Nicks south face. We started the climb at 8:30 on the 16th, hiked NW over a small ridge then...
  • Log #8587 - by Bob Bruns on Aug 21, 2001
    a Difficult offtrail experence for a couple of miles much anticipated jitters at the great notch Fun climbing and route finding to the top WOOHOO the golden feather of Glacier summits. In the...
  • Log #8588 - by Fred Spicker on Apr 25, 1999
    Ascent via the Northeast Ridge. Climbing partner: Paul Bishop. We had an encounter with a mother black bear and cub on the approach, otherwise the climb was enjyoyable and without incident. We used...