Ben Nevis

Elevation (feet): 4,409
Elevation (meters): 1,344
Continent: Europe
Country: United Kingdom
Range/Region: Scottish Highlands
Latitude: 56.7979
Longitude: -5.00419
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug
Volcanic status: Extinct
Year first climbed: 1771 First recorded ascent
First successful climber(s): James Robertson
Nearest major airport: Glasgow
Convenient Center: Fort William

Ben Nevis is the highest peak in the United Kingdom. Though modest in height, it is a bold mountain, comprised of volcanic rock, and baring a northeast face that is two miles long and 2000 feet high. This sheer cliff-wall has several excellent rock-climbing routes, and has a well-equipped hut at its base. There are other climbs in the area as well, as Ben Nevis is part of a large complex of ridges, buttresses, walls and gullies. The main route is fairly easy in decent conditions. In Winter meters of snow can pile up and make the climb much more challenging.