Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis Trip Report (#507)

Up via Youth Hostel path in just under 3 hrs, down in slightly more than 1 hr, with K. Wussow. Reasonably good weather, although rather windy and (on the summit plateau) slightly foggy, but this is probably jolly good for Ben Nevis. -- Now I understand why Ben Nevis may be dangerous to inexperienced hikers --- in slight fog, you simply do not see the cliffs right next to the path, and the wind might simply blow you there if you are caught off guard. Additionally, including the wind chill, one may get terribly cold very quickly, so, if once off the way you don't find your way down in time, you might run into serious problems.

Altogether, there were maybe ten other hikers on Ben Nevis at that time, plus a Royal Navy Commando unit.

A very impressive hike, even if we did not see too much.

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