Elevation (feet): 13,284
Elevation (meters): 4,049
Continent: Europe
Country: Switzerland/Italy
Range/Region: Rhaetian Alps
Latitude: 46.382393
Longitude: 9.90824
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1850
First successful climber(s): Johann Coaz, Jon Ragut Tschamer, Lorenz Ragut Tschamer
Nearest major airport: Zurich, Switzerland
Convenient Center: St. Moritz, Switzerland

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Piz Bernina is the highest peak in the Bernina Alps. It is a magnificent icy mountain which towers majestically above its smaller neighbors.


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Trip Reports

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  • Log #22009 - by Christine Theodorovics on July 19, 2010
    Perfect weather and perfect conditiond. What a climb and what a view!
  • Log #523 - by Andrea Marini on Sep 02, 2004
    Normal route, leaving Rif. Marinelli Bombardieri (I, m.2800), that makes it a long day! Reasonable glacier and weather conditions, a bit of white-out going back. Reason for stopping at the italian...
  • Log #524 - by Ryan on Sep 29, 2003
    Tschierva was booked out but we had a full moon. So after a rushed Soup dinner we charged on. The approach to the col was all in the shade on the Piz Bianco itself but the surrounding mtns were...
  • Log #525 - by Massimo Tagliapietra on June 23, 2003
    Hiked 21/06/2003 via Biancograt ridge, excellent conditions, ref Marco e Rosa recently reconstructed.
  • Log #526 - by Michael Reithmeier on Sep 06, 2002
    Started at 6.30 from Marco e Rosa hut, arrived on the top at 9 a.m. wonderful mountain, not very difficult climbing from this side, the Spalla ridge affords experience. Great trip, but the old...
  • Log #527 - by Jens on Aug 24, 2002
    Hello together, we climbed Piz Bernina via Bianco-Grat last week an we had wonderful wether. It was my hardest tour in the mountains and you must be a good and sure climber, if you want to get fast...
  • Log #529 - by ifj. Négyesi Miklós on Feb 27, 2002
    This climb was one of my best climbs. We did it on the classic route: Diavolezza Hutte-Rif. Marco e Rosa-Piz Bernina
  • Log #530 - by Anna & Maurizio Billo on July 01, 2001
    Biancograt route, with Anna, a lot of snow between The Pizzo Bianco and the summit. Descent to Marco and Rosa and then to Boval hutte.
  • Log #532 - by Josef Stranner on Dec 24, 2000
    We started at Boval Hut about 4.45 a.m. Isla Pers, Fortezza, Bellavista, Marco e Rosa and Spalla. On the summit two Bavarian climbers (from Tschierva Hut and Piz Bianco) joined us for descent. Some...
  • Log #533 - by Nick Moyes on Aug 17, 2000
    Summer 2000. Five of us were stuck for four days in the Marco e Rosa Hut in storm, eventually having to hire a helicopter to get us out of the appallingly avalanche-prone area and back to the valley....
  • Log #534 - by ANDREA ZACCONE on July 03, 2000
  • Log #535 - by Harald Falkner on Jan 09, 2000
    We climbed Piz Bernina via the Bianco-Grat, which was in perfect condition.
  • Log #536 - by Peter Mortelmans on Aug 05, 1999
    Biancograt: Fantastic climbing! esthetical, varied, and easy to protect. I climbed this mountain with 7 friends, from the Tschiervahutte (excellent food, by the way). Unfortunately, we came into...
  • Log #537 - by Fritz Atschreiter on July 27, 1999
    Came with a party of total 12 people from Diavolezza via Fortezza and Bella Vistas to Marco e Rosa (20.7.) Found Marco e Rosa not to crowded, but very cold. Thunderstorm in the evening, but sunny and...