Elevation (feet): 2,414
Elevation (meters): 736
Continent: Europe
Country: United Kingdom
Range/Region: Scottish Highlands
Latitude: 57.2492
Longitude: -6.13329
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul
Nearest major airport: Glasgow / Inverness
Convenient Center: Portree / Broadford

Thanks to bernhard franz for adding this peak.

at you find highlands there i will post a phototrip

it is a deadly climb that looks like a simply scramble

you walk from slingachan busstop campgroud restaurant store at the isle of skye don not leave the path as the moores as all morres can simply swallow and kill you along the path for ca 5 km uphill then you are at its flank

scramble up the grassen steep about 45 degrees for some distance keep left of the vertacal parts you see near the top but 50 y kin right of the left edge as there are 200 m vertical falls on the left flank ( which is front if you walk up )

after a while it get´s so steep you must hold on to the high grass or you will fall and roll down ( maybe 75 % )thsi is for over 200 alt meters at least if you are not sure oyu can hold your weight for 1 h or so let it be or you will runout of strenth and roll to your death then you reach a saddle sort of where you can lie and rest above that a piece of vert loose rock wall starts that has one sort of creek bed elongation as a less steep part but it is still 80 % or more this very steep bit for 50 yards or so then you reach the summit i went to 650 y alt not all 750

the lfet side is vert 200 y technical steep wall i think granite ( colored ) the back is easier i think and leads to a stone table that is 45 % vert for 200 alt m - here a fall and roll is also deadly

in the river bed on the lower few 100 yards there is sheer earth is offers itself to the climber but the boulders in the earth wall start falling on you as you climb up spec if you try to use them as holds and weigh up to many tons

its is also a long walk 10 km to and fro so only come with much energy staring early

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