Torreys Peak

Torreys Peak Trip Report (#8890)

  • Signed By: Mike Carlson
  • Date submitted: August 24, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 23 aug 2003

We went up Saturday afternoon with the intention of camping and then summiting on the 24th. However, the mountain looked way to easy in the daytime and too crowded as well. So, the obvious challenge...summit Grays and Torreys at night! Definately worthwhile to do. Weather conditions usually stay good at night. You can easily see weather moving in if it is going to be a problem. Instead of looking out to a view just like every other 14ner, you get to see every major city lit up at night. Not to mention the pristine view of the stary night. If you have a chance, def worth doing at night as it is an easy hike.


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