Torreys Peak

Torreys Peak Trip Report (#8907)

Grays and Torreys. This made for my 4th 14er after climbing Grays (3rd). Lightning is very dangerous at high altitudes above tree line. During the summer in the Colorado Rockies, thunderstorms are a daily event. It is recommended that you start your asscent early in the morning so that you can begin your descent by 11:00 a.m. It is quite normal for a clear blue morning sky to change into a thunderous afternoon lightning storm. Lighting can also travel very long distances. If you can hear it, then it is close enough to strike you. Try to get below tree line as quickly as possible. Besides, who wants to get wet at 14,000 feet and run the risk of hypothermia. If you do find yourself exposed and in danger, try to get off the rock(s) and onto dirt, then squat with your hands over your head connecting your elbows to your knees. Not only will this will help reduce your chances of being struck by lightning, but it will also help reduce your chances of going into cardiac arrest if you are struck by lightning, by creating an electrical circuit away from your heart.

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