Volcan Lanin

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An extinct volcano, Lanin takes its name from a local Mapuche word meaning "the extinguished one."

The path starts next to the Forester's Sectional, where it is done the obligatory equipment control. You don't need an authorized guide, but it is suggested in case you are climbing for the first time. It is also recommended to be advised at Administracion de Parques Nacionales dependences before starting the climbing. It is not allowed to reserve places at the shelters.

The 2-day climb to the summit is via the Argentine side through thinly vegetated moraine and monkey puzzle forest up to the "Espina de Pescado". We camp above snow level at approximately 8,040 feet (there are 3 shelters)before attempting the glacier topped summit the next day.

This climb not requires technical skills. Ice axes and crampons are necessary.

Elevation (feet): 12,388
Elevation (meters): 3,776
Continent: South America
Country: Argentina/Chile
Range/Region: Patagonia
Latitude: -39.6639
Longitude: -71.5047
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec
Volcanic status: Dormant
Most recent eruption: XVIII Century
Year first climbed: 1897
First successful climber(s): Rodolfo Hauthal (German)
Nearest major airport: San Martin de los Andes (Chapelco)
Convenient Center: Juin de los Andes

Thanks to Matias Mari for adding this peak.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #21476 - by Andrés on Oct 17, 2008
    On 3rd March 2007 at 12:21 I reach the summit of Lanín. A dream come true. http://andyhelloween.fotopic.net/p47961735.
  • Log #20553 - by Gustavo D. Rodriguez on Dec 23, 2006
    We reached the summit about 11.15 am. Very nice view and very nice mountain. The normal route isn`s a technical one.
  • Log #20417 - by Gustavo D. Rodriguez on Oct 04, 2006
    Very nice mountain to climb. It´s not technically difficult but you have two instances, the first one for the first day, which involves the ascent until you reach the refuge area through a rocky...
  • Log #9012 - by Martin Brau on May 17, 2004
    12 of us climbed the mountain from the Argentine side (myself, my brother: Nick Brau, Mario Gonzalez and it it too many years to remember the names of the other climbers, I was 16 years old at the...
  • Log #9013 - by Jorge Luis Decurgez on Jan 07, 2004
    2 times on the summit, once in summer once in spring. very different conditions on the normal route. spring is much more advisable as firm snow allows you to go higher and higher at a really fast...
  • Log #9014 - by Pedro Hauck on Dec 22, 2002
    Very nice peak very very confortably and free refugios
  • Log #9015 - by Jörgen Brenneis on Apr 14, 2002
    Since we failed to climb this mountain from the argentine side in 1994, we returned 1995 and climbed sucessfully from chile in two days. The way this very nice heavily glaciated and conal...
  • Log #9016 - by Martin on Feb 23, 2002
    Escalamos la pared sur en unas 12 horas desde el el campamento a la cumbre y vuelta. La escalada son unos 10 largos de 50° a 70°, luego hay que atravesar un glaciar de unos 35° dependiente. En...
  • Log #9018 - by Mabel on June 07, 2001
    Subimos hasta el refugio Lavalle, eramos 5, 4 amigos y yo (Lorenzo, Silvio, Pablo y Luis el español). Dormimos y al otro dia muy temprano partimos a la cumbre, a la que llegamos con un sol...
  • Log #9019 - by colin lindberg on Jan 24, 2001
    it was easier than expected. the refugio's were nice. the chilean side is a lot more challenging
  • Log #9020 - by Andres Holzmann on Aug 16, 2000
    El magico volcan, donde los cambios se hacen reales.
  • Log #9021 - by Dr Keith L Dorrington on July 20, 2000
    "The ascent took two days, staying overnight at 2,500 m in the higher of two refuges on the Argentinian side. Obtaining access to the Argentinian side from Chile required an unobserved approach...
  • Log #9022 - by Maria Victoria Zapiola on July 02, 2000
    I climbed by the North Face, it was an incredible experience, to get to the top outstanding! It's worth all efforts to get there.
  • Log #9023 - by martin smith on May 03, 2000
    Got lost in a violent storm, spent three days and two nights in the open near the summit, without food, water or equipment. Thoroughly enjoyable experience, I would do it again tomorrow!
  • Log #9025 - by Carl Malmfeldt on July 01, 1999
    We were alone on Lanin for our climb as October is considered early for Lanin. Spent the night in the lower of the 2 huts at ~8,000 ft. Gorgeous summit day w/ views of Tronador. Summitted via the...