Mount Ngauruhoe

Mount Ngauruhoe Trip Report (#9029)

  • Signed By: Max Kroon
  • Date submitted: April 01, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 18 march 2004

Wanted to climb Mt Ngauruhoe for years, did it at last. I found it a pretty tough climb but definitely worth it! The view in- and from the crater is awesome. I had a great day facing this natural challenge! Tips: Coming up from the Mangatepopo saddle you first walk through some vegetation, after which there is no (poled) path anymore. You can 'choose' climbing the scoria or go via some rock formations. As your feet sink in the scoria going this way is very tough (it takes like 3 steps to climb 1..) and drains the much needed energy; so going via the 'rock-route' gives more to hold on, but I found out the hard way they can be sharp.. so be careful. Also the 'rock-missiles' are defilitely a risk to take into account.

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