San Gorgonio

San Gorgonio Trip Report (#22086)

  • Signed By: Mike
  • Date submitted: October 04, 2010
  • Date(s) climbed: 10/3/10
  • Number of People Encountered:11-25 people
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First: GET YOUR PASS AHEAD OF TIME. The Mill Creek office is very difficult to get a hold of (often not answering their phones), and even if you apply, chances are when you get there early in the morning they won't have it ready. Make a point of applying early and have them send it to you so it's in your hand. Second: the Vivian Creek Trail is currently rerouted right at the beginning to go up the wash for the first half mile or so. After this you turn LEFT (north) to start climbing into the forest in earnest (some online resources say turn right, and they are incorrect.)

My climb was uneventful except for confusion regarding the above two issues. I saw no bears, in fact no mammals bigger than chipmunks, a few lizards. Forest doesn't get lush until you're at the top of the first steep climb, maybe a mile in to the hike. Trail is often loose rock that can roll under your feet (annoying). There was water at all creeks described in online resources including High Creek Camp; there was just rain on the mountain in the previous 24-48 hrs so I don't know if you can conclude that means these creeks are always wet. No snow left anywhere. Once I got above tree line (for maybe the last half mile of the hike) it got very, very cold and windy. 4:00 for this out-of-shape trail runner to make the 7.8 miles from trailhead to summit, 3:30 to get back down.

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