San Gorgonio

San Gorgonio Trip Report (#9067)

Hiked up the peak in the Fall of 1998 with a group out of RCC, my first summit. The hike up the summit was beautiful with fantastic scenery. I experienced no problems on the uphill at all not even hard breathing due probably to a regular cardiovascular workouts. But being a novice in regards to mountain hiking at the time it was a different story on the way down especially as night fell. In my ignorance I forgot to bring either gloves or a warm cap and the temperature drop from day(sunny and warm)to night(freezing)was great, for example the streams that had been running clear when we passed them at about noon had developed some ice in them when we crossed them again at night to give you some idea of the drop in temperature and my hands and head suffered accordingly so be sure to take warm clothing. Due to a past knee injury earlier that year that I was certain was healed I also had some problems with my knees on the hike down and if your not used to allot of downhill hiking or your knee strength is questionable I would recommend wrapping your knees and taking a walking stick with you as I did on my trip and I can tell you it was definitely a lifesaver in my case. Also be sure to take plenty of food and water with you. Despite the difficulties the hike was beautiful and a great learning experienced and I definitely recommend it to others but if your inexperienced be certain your in good shape and go prepared.

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