San Gorgonio

San Gorgonio Trip Report (#9069)

I first climbed to the summit of Mt Greyback in the summer of 1964 while at Camp Norris. For the next 5 years I climbed that mountain at least twice a year. I earned a Camp Hiking badge for every climb. That whole area has a special place in my life. Jenks Lake, The Dry Lake, Dollar Lake, Slushy Meadows, the Devils Staircase, Poopout Hill. All brings back very fond memories of my childhood. Probably some of the best times of my life. I remember the small Ponerosa Pine trees and all the chipmunks at the top. The view was spectacular although I may not have appreciated it as much then.I think the most exciting trip to the summit was done at night by the light of a full moon. Some day I would like to make the climb again. Thanks for the memories!!!!!!

Barron Perry

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