San Gorgonio

San Gorgonio Trip Report (#9073)

I hiked with the same Girl Scout group as Keri and Ayslinn did, and we had an absolute blast!!! If you're thinking about doing the hike, GO FOR IT! It is a beautiful trail and the top is awesome...but, you wont have as good of a time as I did, because I did it with 9 of the best people in the world: Laura, Keri, Jamie, Ays, Erin, Gazelle, Rice, Anza, and Miss Squish...Love you guys!!! Anyway, I would totally recommend doing it...and girls, don't let guys and their snotty, ignorant comments like "Why are you "girls" here, is there a fashion shoot?" get in your way. We know girls are hard core...time 10. Oh, one more thing...don't mess with the trees up there, they eat your bear bag hanging rope!!! Good luck, and say hello to "out there" for me! PS Don't Die!

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