San Gorgonio

San Gorgonio Trip Report (#9078)

can be done in a one day hike in a summer and back if you start before 8am and you are in good shape , dont forget the trekking poles and water ( a dry mountain water condition very unstable ) also i saw one black bear , hang your food if you camp bellow 10 000 ft , temperature usually mild but it can get verrrry windy , on summer just dry rock and strenuos hike , if you do it via Vivian Trail first portion will be the steepest , no technical climbing at all , just trekk ... so my advice : trekking poles , Ramen noodles , lots of water and a whistle for bears ... and if Hitchcok will make a horror movie with squirels and chipmunks would be right here , they are the biggest and most numerous i`ve seen ... they are probably high too ... i`ll see you on the peak this winter probably ...regardless of what i`ve heard (maybe on other trail like Fork Creek ) i dont think would be good snowshoeing , maybe the last part to the summit ...

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