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    Climbing Bimberi Peak

    Climbing Bimberi Peak. This is a wilderness area of Australia. Only once you hike deep into the Australian wilderness do you really appreciate how big our ...

    • By: Bush Channel
    • Published: Feb 05, 2012
    • Duration: 3:56
    • Views: 1,328
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    Hike to Mt Bimberi - highest mountain in the ACT - 6,273 ft

    Hiking to Mt Bimberi on 15th March 2013. Hike up from Orroral Valley - Cotter Flats - Murrays Gap to Mt Bimberi - then down to Cotter Flats to camp overnight.

    • By: Simon Williams
    • Published: Mar 16, 2013
    • Duration: 2:26
    • Views: 501
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    Mount Bimberi Hike preview - Southern Approach

    Highlights of an overnight hike to Mount Bimberi, the highest peak in the ACT. Summit 1913m above sea level. Hike completed in March 2017. Began hike at the ...

    • By: Inform.Motivate.Inspire
    • Published: Apr 16, 2017
    • Duration: 3:47
    • Views: 312
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    Mt Bimberi Solo Hike

    This was meant to be a SOTA / HIKE video but I was so busy getting stuff done I didn't record any radio. Sorry.

    • By: Wade Smith
    • Published: May 20, 2018
    • Duration: 13:36
    • Views: 114