Photo by Koulentzas George, all rights reserved.

Although the summit is only at 1843 m altitude, the way up to the top is long and hard because you start climbing from sea-level (0 m.)

The trail is very easy to find, but in many parts very steep and sometimes scrambling up rocks is needed. In parts where the trail is not visible, you just follow the cairns. You'll probably need about 5 hours to reach the top.

The last 200 meters of the ascent (after crossing a snow field) you'll be surprised to see a giant staircase made of stones. It took 15 years for many men to make this staircase to the summit. Once you're at the top you can't miss the "Dr. Kloumannstarnet", the building (looks like a windmill without the .....)built by the crazy doctor Kloumann.

This building serves as a mountain hut where you can sleep. From the summit of Skala you have an incredible view. You can see the Nordfjord (where the trail starts) and the "Jostedalsbreen"; the glacier of Jostedal (which is one of the biggest in Europe).

Elevation (feet): 6,047
Elevation (meters): 1,843
Continent: Europe
Country: Norway
Range/Region: Jotunheimen
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Alesund
Convenient Center: Loen